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Please note that according to experimental results (see the book
mentioned in my previous message), pain comes after the event. For
 example when you touch a hotplate, you take your hand back not
because of the pain. The action actually happens unconsciously,
conscious pain comes afterward.

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Which invites the question, was it pain before you were conscious of
it? Would it have been pain if you'd never become conscious of it?

I would say just a series of neuron spikes, what else? I mean that in the skin there is some receptor that when it is hot excites some neuron. That neuron excites some other neurons and eventually your muscle move your hand. You see it differently?

No, but some neuron excites some other neuron is all that happens later in your brain too. So where does it become pain? Is it when those neurons in your brain connect the afferent signal with the language modes for "pain" or with memories of injuries or with a vocal cry?


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