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> I'm not a cockroach, yet cockroach's seem quite intelligent to me
> (smarter than cabbages and Mars Rovers).  So intelligence is not just
> matter of personal affinity.

If you think of something you find not to be capable of awareness, I
think that you will see that you also consider that thing to be more
unlike yourself than even a cockroach. You have to look at the whole
picture of what the phenomena is - for instance a person sleeping may
not seem as aware while they are sleeping, or a fetus might not be as
conscious before it's born, but all things considered, animals seem
more conscious to us than plants, plants than rocks.

Insects are an interesting case, since, as you said, they do seem
intelligent to those of us who care to consider them as such, but
aesthetically people at large tend not to identify with them as much
as we do large mammals. We assume that they don't feel like we do and
we tend to disqualify their insectoid intellgence as interesting but
less important than our own. People would look at you funny if your
friends were bugs.


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