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On Aug 14, 7:29 pm, Colin Geoffrey Hales <cgha...@unimelb.edu.au>
> Great video ... a picture of simplicity....
> Q. 'What is it like to be a Turing Machine?" = Hard Problem.
> A. It's like being the pile of gear in the video, NO MATTER WHAT IS ON

Why doesn't it matter what's on the tape? If I manually move the tape
under the scanner myself, will the gear as a whole know the
difference? If I dismantle the machine or turn it off will it care?


Colin ============

Precisely. How can it possibly 'care'? If the machine was (1) spread across the 
entire solar system, or (2) miniaturized to the size of an atom, (3) massively 
parallel, (4) quantum, (5) digital, (6) analog or (7) whatever..... it doesn't 
matter.... it will always be "what it is like to be the physical object (1), 
(2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7)", resp., no matter what is on the tape. If find 
the idea that the contents of the tape somehow magically delivers a first 
person experience to be intellectually moribund.

The point is, what magic is assumed in the contents of the tape being fiddled 
with 'Turing-ly' delivers first person content? Legions of folks out there will 
say "its all information processing!", to which I add... the brain, which is 
the 100% origins of the only 'what it is like' description we know of, is NOT 
doing what the video does.

So.... good question. I wish others would ask it.


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