On Sep 29, 11:14 pm, Jason Resch <jasonre...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Craig, do the neurons violate the conservation of energy and  
> momentum?  And if not, then how can they have any unexpected effects?

No. If you are wondering whether I think that anything that
contradicts established observations of physics, chemistry, or biology
is going on, the answer has always been no, and the fact that you are
still asking means that you don't understand what I've said.

As long as you expect neurons to act like neurons - including to have
self-directed thoughts and feelings at least in large groups, then
they do not have any unexpected effects. If you watch a color TV
program on a black and white TV, you aren't going to see any
'unexpected effects'. That's the point, what we expect from physics is
not sufficient to explain all of the properties which we know first
hand are present. You have to first look at it using a 'Color TV'.

If you move your arm, does it violate the conservation of energy and
momentum? No. Life is not a closed system. It exports entropy outside
of itself so that it does what it needs to do and what it wants to do.
You have to look at what is actually occurring in real life instead of
starting from the black and white TV of physics and trying to shoehorn
the technicolor, non-deterministic universe into it.


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