Hi Bruno

I was cruising the web when I stumbled upon a couple of PDFs by Jean-Paul
Delahaye criticizing your work. (PDF
PDF 2 <http://www2.lifl.fr/~delahaye/dnalor/RefGraFil.pdf>). I don't speak
French, but google translate was able to help me up to a point. The main
point of PDF 1, in relation to the UDA, seems to be that there is not
necessarily a notion of probability defined for truly indeterministic
events. (Is this accurate? Are there any results in this area? I couldn't
find much.)

The translation of PDF 2, with regards to the Movie Graph argument, was
much harder for me to understand. Could you help me out with what Delayahe
is saying here, and what your response is? I am just curious about these
things :) I noticed some discussion of removing stones from heaps, and
comparing that to the removal of subparts of the filmed graph, which to me
seemed to be an illegitimate analogy, but I would like to hear your take...


Joseph Knight

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