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By the way in the Gray's book the term intelligence is not even
in the index. This was the biggest surprise for me because I
always thought that consciousness and intelligence are related.
Yet, after reading the book, I agree now with the author that
conscious experience is a separate phenomenon.

So does Gray think that beings can be conscious without being
intelligent or intelligent without being conscious?

The first part is definite yes, for example "But we can, I believe, safely assume that mammals possess conscious experience."

There is no clear answer for the second part in the book. Well, for example

"Language, for example, cannot be necessary for conscious experience. The reverse, however, may be true: it may be that language (and other functions) could not be evolved in the absence of conscious experience".

It depends however on the definition, I would say that a self-driving car is intelligent and a rock not, but even in this case it is not completely clear to me how to define it unambiguously.

Gray's personal position is that consciousness survival values is "late error detection" that happens through some multipurpose and multi-functional display. This fits actually quite good in cybernetics but leaves a question open about the nature of such a display.


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