John Mikes wrote:

> > 1. I do not 'believe' in the Big Bang,

Well, we have excellent empirical evidence that the observable universe is
expanding, and a straightforward extrapolation into the past indicates that
13.75 billion years ago everything we can see was concentrated at just one
point. So it's clear that something unusual happened 13.75 billion years
ago, if not the Big Bang what? And if not the Big Bang what caused the 2.7
degree microwave background radiation that is coming in from every point in
the sky? And was it just coincidence that long ago the theory predicted
that radiation would change in intensity very very slightly from one point
to another, a prediction that was triumphantly confirmed in just the last
couple of years?

> > Dark energy (etc.) are postulates

No, "Dark Energy" is just a label for something we are nearly certain
exists but can't explain. There is  superb evidence that the phenomena
given the name "Dark Energy" exists, but nobody even pretends to understand
it. Dark Energy is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, if you
want scientific immortality alongside Newton and Einstein explain just 2%
of the puzzle.

  John K Clark

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