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There's an interesting paper by Bennett that I ran across, which
discusses the relation of Shannon entropy, thermodynamic entropy, and
 algorithmic entropy in the context of DNA and RNA replication:


Thank you for the link. I like the first sentence

"Computers may be thought of as engines for transforming free energy into waste heat and mathematical work."

I am not sure though if this is more as a metaphor. I will read the paper, the abstract looks nice.

I believe that there was a chapter on reversible computation in

Nanoelectronics and Information Technology, ed Rainer Waser

I guess, reversible computation is kind of a strange attractor for engineers.

As for DNA, RNA, and proteins, I have recently read

Barbieri, M. (2007). Is the cell a semiotic system? In: Introduction to Biosemiotics: The New Biological Synthesis. Eds.: M. Barbieri, Springer: 179-208.

If the author is right, it well might be that the language was developed even before the consciousness. By the way, the paper is written very well and I have to think it over.

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