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> I'm aware of that.  It doesn't follow though that you must match every 
> interaction (e.g.
> cross-section for cosmic gamma rays) or that every match is equally 
> important.  I've
> already speculated that a silicon based substitute might produce subtle or 
> occasional
> differences in conscious thoughts.  Craig however denies that a silicon based 
> brain can be
> conscious at all.

No, I think that silicon is already 'conscious', only to a very
limited extent (detection-reaction). My view is that it cannot be
scaled up mechanically to become human consciousness. If you can make
a silicon based cell that lives and breathes, then we very well might
be able to make a conscious brain out of that...but we probably won't
be able to control it any better than we can control an animal.

Our definition of consciousness is entirely human. If we talk about
something being conscious, we are really talking about it being human.
All I'm saying is that we cannot discount the possibility that there
is a good reason why humans are only made of DNA and not sand.


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