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> So you agree that it is impossible to have something come from nothing.

That depends on what you mean by "nothing".
1) Lack of matter, a vacuum.
2) Lack of matter and energy
3) Lack of matter and energy and space
4) Lack of matter and energy and space and time.
5) Lack of even the potential to produce something.

Science has valuable things to say about how something can come from
nothing in all senses of the word "nothing" except for #5, and nobody else
can say anything about that either, not even God, so that topic is a big
bore. This is all explained in much greater detail in the book, WHICH YOU

> I think of them as incredibly shallow questions.

So you think explaining how from a few simple rules matter energy time and
space turned into something while other things did not is not only shallow
but  incredibly shallow. The only logical conclusion I can form from that
is that somebody who really believes that is a incredibly shallow person.

> it's complete hype to claim that the universe comes from nothing. It's a
> slogan to sell books.

I don't mind ignorance in general but there is a form of aggressive
ignorance I find distasteful, somebody who feels they don't need to know
all that highfalutin book learning, somebody so ignorant they don't know
they're ignorant, somebody who feels  their comments on a well respected
physicist's book are worth sharing with others even though THEY HAVE NOT

> > I get the gist.

BULLSHIT! Anybody who says these are "incredibly shallow questions" is a
fool. Full stop.

> > I only point out as a fact that the universe could not come from
> something.

I see, so the universe can't come from nothing and now it can't come from
something either, so obviously the universe does not exist and never has.
Isn't philosophy wonderful.

> http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=the-consolation-of-p...
>   http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2012/04/has-physics-mad...
> >There is nothing surprising in either of these articles.

I would bet money you haven't read either one and at most skimmed them for
20 seconds; reading the actual book is of course out of the question, that
would take away too much time contemplating your navel.

 John K Clark

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