On Sat, May 5, 2012 Craig Weinberg <whatsons...@gmail.com> wrote:

> >> That depends on what you mean by "nothing".
>>   1) Lack of matter, a vacuum.
>>   2) Lack of matter and energy
>>   3) Lack of matter and energy and space
>>   4) Lack of matter and energy and space and time.
>>   5) Lack of even the potential to produce something.
> > Without #5 though, the scientific cosmology is no better than any other
> creation myth.

Good heavens, what a dumb thing to say!  Even if science can't explain how
the fundamental laws of quantum mechanics came to be, if it can explain how
those few simple laws generated time and space and matter and energy and
life you think that's no better than Greek mythology?! Idiotic. And what
the hell do you expect science or religion or anything else to do with #5?
You define X as something that can not produce Y and then you demand to
know how X produces Y.  Nuts.

> I have explained that causality itself is an epiphenomenon of time which
> is an emergent property of experience or sense which

Causality is not nothing, neither phenomenon nor epiphenomenon is nothing,
time is not nothing, experience is not nothing, sense is not nothing, and
"emergent property" just means X created Y but I don't know how. You really
haven't explained much now have you.

>> BULLSHIT! Anybody who says these are "incredibly shallow questions" is a
>> fool. Full stop.
> > They are shallow to me. I'm not an engineer.

I know, that's part of the problem.

>I don't care about the mechanism of the universe, I care only about the
> biggest possible picture.

You think you can answer the deepest question in the universe but you don't
even bother to glance at the many many profound questions that science
already has answers to, many found centuries ago. Gaining wisdom takes work
but you are not willing to put in the time, and so as a result you have no
more knowledge of how the universe actually operates than your average
18'th century gentleman. You Sir are a dilettante.

> Sorry that was a typo. It should be nothing instead of something.

Easy mistake to make, the difference between the two is so small.

  John K Clark

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