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It must have had its causes, but I note that it coincided with the
reformation and the fragmentation of the Church's power. Science
developed most in England where Henry VIII had divorced the Church from
Rome and made it much weaker.

That's British chauvinism. You should come to Paris and cry it loudly. Then let us see what happens.

You are talking about skeptical inquiry but you do not want to apply
it for all questions. I am afraid that you take some answers just from
ideological considerations, not from historical research.
The favorite authors of Prof Hoenen are Anselm of Canterbury and
Thomas von Aquin.

It's not my field to research - nor yours. You rely a few experts two of
whom I note are noted Catholic apologists - hardly skeptical thinkers,
but promoters of faith.

Prof Hoenen is a skeptical thinker, he always contrasts many different viewpoints. He is an expert for middle ages, so he knows better what happened at that time as you. He does not promote faith, he just says how it was in the reality at that time.

In general however, it would be make much more sense to read more about that development. This what I am saying, instead of ideology it is better to promote knowledge.


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