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Sure science grew out of Christianity, out of the decay and fragmentation of Christianity. When Christianity was strong and in control is what we call "The Dark Ages". Now that it is no longer in control and the Western world relies on the technology of science,
Christian apologists are writing revisionist histories.

I agree, organized religion has been a catastrophe for the world, and
it still is, but that doesn't change the historical emergence of
science from spiritual contemplation.

I would suggest you to consider Soviet Union under Stalin when military atheists took the power over. I guess that the absolute number of victims was even more.

Just one examples. Nikolai Vavilov - a famous biologist working in genetics (compare his fate with that of Copernicus and Galileo)


Late 1930s - Lysenko, who has conceived a hatred for genetics is put in charge of all of Soviet agriculture 1940 - arrested for allegedly wrecking Soviet agriculture; delivered more than a hundred hours of lectures on science while in prison 1943 - died imprisoned and suffering from dystrophia (faulty nutrition of muscles, leading to paralysis), in the Saratov prison.

But this confirms that, once institutionalized, religion creates lies and suffering. Materialism is no exception. For a platonist, or neoplatonist, or neoeneoplatonist, atheism is a tiny variant of christianism. Both are tiny variant of Aristotelianism.



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