On May 20, 1:15 am, meekerdb <meeke...@verizon.net> wrote:
> "You" only split when some quantum event gets amplified to make a 
> macroscopic, i.e.
> quasi-classical, difference.  Otherwise "Craig Weinberg" is a somewhat fuzzy 
> operator
> projecting onto a lot of slight different, but classically equivalent, 
> subspaces.

What makes them have to be only slightly different? Can one of the
slightly different universes be different in that its quantum laws
allow for radical differences? If not, why?

> the "Craig Weinberg" on that subspace dies, he's dead.

What is the difference between being in a coma for five years and
being dead as far as the rules of MWI succession go? How does the
universe know that I'm not dead?

He doesn't get to become the Craig
> Weinberg that on a subspace that became orthogonal five years ago when that 
> gamma ray
> caused him, in one subspace, to join the everything list.

If I shoot a gamma ray into your brain in a spot that I know will make
you, in one subspace, join a Wiccan Heresy list, does that mean that I
will have had to have a gamma ray  or some other influence making me
send the gamma ray into you?


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