On 30 May 2012 04:16, Stephen P. King <stephe...@charter.net> wrote:

>   I think that the word "free" means that it is unconstrained by a pre-given
> or knowable function; it is not the result of a known computational process.

I'm sorry if my point was not clear.  I simply meant that we can
define "arbitrary", if we wish, to mean neither random nor constrained
by law.  Then, simply by convention, an arbitrary choice is freely
willed.  But this cannot by itself exhaust the analysis of any
particular agency because, as you say, we cannot be certain that it is
not constrained by some unknown or unknowable computational process.
Some particular agent can only be known to be free, in this sense, to
some limit.  Consequently, I don't see how we can argue from the
limitations of mathematicians as agents to the metaphysics of


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