On May 29, 1:45 am, Jason Resch <jasonre...@gmail.com> wrote:

> So which of the following four link(s) in the logical chain do you take
> issue with?
> A. human brain (and body) comprises matter and energy

So does a cadaver's brain and body. The fact that a cadaver is not
intelligent should show us that the difference between life and death
can't be meaningfully reduced to matter and energy.

> B. that matter and energy follow natural laws,

No, laws follow from our observation of natural matter and energy.

> C. that these laws are describable in mathematical terms

You have jumped from physics to abstraction. It's like saying 'I have
a rabbit > rabbits act like rabbits > Bugs Bunny is modeled after the
behavior of rabbits > Bugs Bunny is a rabbit'.

> D. that mathematics can be simulated to any degree of precision by
> algorithms

Precision only determines the probability that a particular detector
fails to detect the fraud of simulation over time. It says nothing
about the genuine equivalence of the simulation and the reality.


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