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> You always put that level confusion on the table. You could expect to have
> dinner in a virtual paris if you were in a virtual world. If you want an
> computational AI to interact with you, it must be able to control real
> world appendices that permits it to *interact* or likewise if it was in a
> virtual world, you should use a interface with this virtual world for you
> to interact.
> You can't expect level to be mixed without an interface and I don't see any
> problem with that.

Why not? In a virtual world you could mix levels without an interface.
You could have a virtual world where your avatar has dinner in a
virtual virtual Paris on his virtual computer and in a virtual Paris
at the same time. You could have a virtual factory where virtual
virtual drawings of robots make root level virtual cars.

There is something more than level which makes the difference between
real and virtual. Level itself is an abstraction. Virtual worlds
aren't really worlds at all. They are nothing but sophisticated
stories using pictures instead of words. Characters in stories don't
really think or feel.

It's confusing because what we know of reality is in our mind, and so
is what we know of a virtual reality, so it is easy to conflate the
two and imagine that reality is nothing more than we think it is. We
reduce them both to seem like phenomenological peers, but they aren't.
If you look at a mirror in another mirror, they may look the same but
one of them is an actual piece of glass. You can't break the reflected
mirror. It's not a matter of level, it is a matter of mistaking a
purely visual-semantic text for a concrete multi-sense presentation
that is rooted in a single historical context that goes back to the
beginning of time.


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