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> Note that you will find Kurt Goedel among the authors of ontological
> arguments on the page above.

Somebody mentioned the exact same thing a few months ago and this is what I
had to say about it:

That was in Godel's later years when he went off the rails and thought he
had a rock solid logical proof for the existence of God, fortunately even
at his worst he retained enough sanity to know he should not publish the
thing. Godel was I think an even greater logician than Aristotle;
nevertheless he was always a very odd man and he got odder as he got older.
He sealed his windows shut because he thought night air was deadly, he wore
heavy woolen coats on even the hottest days because he thought the cold was
deadly too, and for unknown reasons he insisted on putting lots of cheap
plastic flamingos on his front lawn. He ended up starving himself to death,
he refused to eat because he thought unnamed sinister forces were trying to
poison him. The great logician weighed 65 pounds when he died in 1978 from,
according to the death certificate, lack of food brought on by paranoia.

 John K Clark

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