On 6/19/2012 12:50 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
Is this the "meaning which with some approach to unanimity they have expounded at considerable length." It doesn't sound unanimous with with any theologians I've read.

This might be because you confine yourself to christian theologians.

You're saying that because I only read one kind of theologian I don't see the unanimity that I would if I read different theologians??

I read a long time ago a book ("La malle de Newton") which confirms Newton neo-platonic tendencies. Keep in mind that neo-platonist have to hide their idea since Rome, and still today.

Because they are persecuted?? Or because they have not been able to provide any useful results?

Theology comes from the Platonic idea that what we see, observe and measure, is not the whole of reality, but the christians came back with the strong emphasis on the material nature of the creation, and the oversimplication and personification of the "creator".

Hardly a Christian invention, since they borrowed it from the Jews whose Yaweh was one of many tribal war gods.


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