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On Sat, Jul 7, 2012  Evgenii Rudnyi<use...@rudnyi.ru>  wrote:

Hawking and Mlodinow start with the statement that free will is

If they said that, and I don't recall that they did, they were being
much too kind in equating the "free will" noise to something as
concrete as illusion.


I have a general question first. Let us assume the M-theory or any other Theory-of-Everything you like. In the last chapter of Grand Design, there is a comparison of such a theory with the Game of Life: simple rules deterministically produce complex patterns.

Now is my questions. We observe different patterns like

I have done it according to my will
Free will is illusion
the "free will" noise

The formation of these patterns follows rules of the Theory-of-Everything. Small particles moves this and that way and occasionally we have a pattern above.

What I cannot comprehend though is why some people, which after all are also just occasional conglomerates of small particles obeying the Theory-of-Everything, react very differently when they see some pattern above.

Do you know what part of the Theory-of-Everything responsible for such behavior of a conglomerates of particles in this case?


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