On 08 Jul 2012, at 19:29, John Clark wrote (to Evgenii Rudnyi)

If you want to understand why people are the way they are I don't think the Theory-of-Everything would help you much, you'd do much better studding Evolutionary Biology, neurology, or computer science.

Yes, computer science might help to understand why people are the way they are. But computer science, the theory of, and by, universal machines, already must explain, assuming comp, why people believe in fermions and bosons, making it a theory of everything, or at least a good candidate for it, especially if you take into account computer science *and* computer's computer science (that is, what computer can guess or can experience without ever being able to justified rationally: what I like to call "machine's theology, or "Tarski minus Gödel").

If a machine postulates comp, which by definition is true for her, she can already justify rationally, using her bet in comp, why she has beliefs that she cannot justify rationally. Comp itself constitutes such a belief.



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