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Say that it is not so! --

Given the complexity of the experimental device, we can be sure that e have to wait before having any reasonnable degree of certainty. We can't test this at home!

Also, we could say that the discovery of the Higgs boson, if confirmed, is disappointing, as it only confirms the theory, and so we learn nothing (to think in the Deustch's manner).


Yes it is quite disappointing. This finding seems to be the one that least upsets all of the people involved; as if it where the purposeful product of a bureaucracy. I am convinced that it is a contrivance.



"Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed."
~ Francis Bacon

We will learn a lot later. Note that the Standard Model doesn't predict the mass of the Higgs, so we've already learned what this is (assuming this is indeed the Standard Model Higgs boson). With a lot more data we'll able to test the standardmodel prediction about the various relative decay probabilities. Also the Higgs lifetime which depends on all the decay probabilities, including to invisible particles that we cannot detect, can be measured from the width of the resonance curve from any of the decay channels. This was how the fact that there exists 3 neutrino types was measured by measuring the decay width of the Z particle into charged leptons.


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