On 8/5/2012 4:33 PM, John Mikes wrote:
Entertaining exchange on an 'existing' topic - that is denied.
My usual stance: I am not an atheist because an atheist needs (a - more?) god(s) to deny. - "god" is a word still looking to be identified. As we read most 'denyers' assign the ultimate origin to such concept. Me, too: the infinite complexity (beyond our capability to comprehend). Does it have 'free will'? or 'conscious mind'? logical concluding capability? I am not sure 'it'(?) */_"has"_/* anything. Not in our terms at least. The /_'infinite' complexity_/ is a mere 'everything' in relation to everything beyond our concepts. Bruno had a 'cute' definition for theology (I could not repeat it now) and called 'us' gods. Nobody can deny his right to do so. Denigrating faith is a pastime for the mental elite, yet without faith (and the rules ensured for the 'believers') humanity would not have survived so far in it's wickedness, brutality, or simply by selfishness. It was a small price paid for the priests and prophets to help humanity survive. Did it slip out? you bet. Always. Please remember: I take 'existing' in terms of anything, having occurred in somebodies mind as a (rationale, or weird?) idea. Impossibilities included. (And so far nobody answered my question satisfactorily (for me) to show a justification for the (religious?) god-concept from *_outside the box_* (not induced by some hint to any faith-related momenta, dream, etc.). So 'god' exists IMO, because it is set into many minds (even if not identically).)
It is a long winded topic, not likely to close with agreement.
John M

Dear John,

I, for one, agree with you! It is nice to see that at least one other person understands the point being made. ;-)



"Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed."
~ Francis Bacon

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