Sorry, I am not going to answer to your whole post, because frankly the
points you make are not very interesting to me.

John Clark-12 wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 12:49 PM, benjayk
> <>wrote:
>> > 'You won't be able to determine the truth of this statement by
>> programming a computer'
> If true then you won't be able to determine the truth of this statement
OK, take the sentence:

'Not all sentences have unambigous truth values - by the way you won't be
able to determine that this sentence doesn't have a unambigous truth value
by using a computer '

The same paradox applies but the statement is clearly practically true
because it has no unambigous answer.

John Clark-12 wrote:
>> To put it another way, it shows you that it is really just obvious that
>> you are beyond the computer, because you
>> are the one programming it.
> But it's only a matter of time before computers start programing you
> because computers get twice as smart every 18 months and people do not.
So transistor count and smartness are the same? So if I have 10^^^^100
transistors that compute while(true) then you have something that is
unimaginable much smarter than a human?

John Clark-12 wrote:
>> Computers do only what we instruct them to do (this is how we built them)
> That is certainly not true, if it were there would be no point in
> instructing computers about anything.
The definition of a computer is that it precisely carries out the
instructions it is given.

John Clark-12 wrote:
>  Tell me this, if you instructed a
> computer to find the first even integer greater than 4 that is not the sum
> of two primes greater than 2 and then stop what will the computer do? It
> would take you less than 5 minutes to write such a program so tell me,
> will
> it ever stop?
I don't know. This doesn't relate to whether it carries out the instructions
it is given at all.


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