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OK, take the sentence:

> 'Not all sentences have unambigous truth values - by the way you won't be
> able to determine that this sentence doesn't have a unambigous truth value
> by using a computer '

OK, if I changed "by using a computer" to " by asking Benjamin Jakubik"
explain to me why at the fundamental logical level things would be

> So transistor count and smartness are the same?

Not a bad first order approximation.  Software is improving too, maybe not
at the breakneck pace of hardware evolution but still much faster than
humans are improving their software.

> So if I have 10^^^^100 transistors that compute while(true) then you have
> something that is
> unimaginable much smarter than a human?

In a word yes. And I must say that 10^^^^100 is a pretty big number
considering that there are only 10^ 80 atoms in the observable universe.

 >>  if you instructed a computer to find the first even integer greater
>> than 4 that is not the sum of two primes greater than 2 and then stop what
>> will the computer do? It would take you less than 5 minutes to write such a
>> program so tell me, will it ever stop?

> I don't know.

I don't know either, nobody knows, even the computer doesn't know if it
will stop until it finds itself stopping; if you want to know what it's
going to do there is no shortcut, all you can do is watch it and see.

> > This doesn't relate to whether it carries out the instructions

The computer will either stop or it will not and the difference depends on
your instructions. You said "The definition of a computer is that it
precisely carries out the instructions it is given" so is the implicit
order to stop included in "find the first even integer greater than 4 that
is not the sum of two primes greater than 2 and then stop"?  Saying the
computer only does what we tell it to do doesn't mean much in a case like
this because it is far from clear what the implications of our orders will

  John K Clark

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