>    John Clark  Aug 23 01:08PM -0400  
>    We do things because of the laws of nature OR we do not do things 
>    because
>    of the laws of nature, and if we do not then we are random.
> The laws of nature are such that they demand that we do things 
intentionally. This means neither random nor completely determined 

We are not merely followers of the laws of nature, we also create them, 
modify them, revolutionize them. Our intentionality even varies, from 
non-existent reflex to near libertarian control over aspects of our bodies 
and mind.

Are your opinions on free will robotic or random? In either case, would 
there be any point in anyone else paying attention to them, what with their 
own robotic or random 'opinions'?

We have gone around this enough times to know that you aren't going to 
change your view, I just find it striking that you don't see that the logic 
of this arbitrary assertion which you keep repeating is blind and circular.


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