On Fri, Aug 24, 2012  Craig Weinberg <whatsons...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I did it for many reasons

And a cuckoo clock operates the way it does for many reasons.

> some of them my own.

In other words you have not divulged to others some of the reasons you
acted as you did, and no doubt some of the reasons you don't know
yourself.  No matter, they're still reasons.

> Your argument is that grey must be either black or white.

No, grey is a state of being every bit as logical as black or white, and
because it is logical we know that everything is either grey or not grey.

> It's interesting that you bring up Lewis Carroll (as you have before) as
> an insult, when actually the Alice books are brilliant explorations on
> consciousness and sense-making.

And he was a brilliant satirist on how illogical many of our most strongly
held beliefs are. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson would laugh at your ideas.

>>> Are your opinions on free will robotic or random? In either case, would
>>> there be any point in anyone else paying attention to them
>> >> Point? It sounds like you're asking for a reason, well such a reason
>> either exists or it does not.
> > What do your assumptions about my motives have to do with anything?

That's a stupid question; if you had motives, regardless of what they are,
then your actions are deterministic.

> What is useful about saying that something 'either exists or it does
> not'?

That's an even stupider question, true statements always have uses.

> Everything exists in some sense. Nothing exists in every sense.

And with that you abandon any pretense that you want to figure out how the
world works and make it clear that what you really want to do is convince
yourself  that what you already want to believe is in fact true.  And its
going to work too because if you take the above as a working axiom in your
system of beliefs then you can prove or disprove anything you want, you can
even prove and disprove the same thing at the same time.

> According to your views, you don't have any views, and neither do any
> possible readers of your views.

That is ridiculous.

> > All of it is either robotic or random.

What does that have to do with the price of eggs? What does that have to do
with not having views??

> > I am saying that if you are right, then there is no point whatsoever for
> you to ever speak again.

In this context a "point" is a reason, a cause, and If I choose to speak
again I will do so because I have a point to make, that is to say I will do
so for a reason; OR  perhaps you're right and I will speak again but have
no point at all, in other words I will do so for no reason, I will do so at

> You are trying to wriggle out of it by subjecting anything I say to the
> same black and white reductionism

Everything is not black or white, BUT everything IS black or not black OR
white or not white; most things are not black and not white, and nothing,
absolutely nothing is not black and not not black.

  John K Clark

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