On 9/9/2012 7:08 AM, Roger Clough wrote:
Hi Bruno Marchal
My feeling at the moment is to compare the sin of NDAA with
that of collateral damage, and war itself, and fall back on the
doctrine of just warfare.
Roger Clough, rclo...@verizon.net <mailto:rclo...@verizon.net>
Leibniz would say, "If there's no God, we'd have to invent him
so that everything could function."
Hi Roger,

Are you referring to the section within the NDAA that refers to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Defense_Authorization_Act_for_Fiscal_Year_2012#Indefinite_detention_without_trial:_Section_1021 It is ironic that many of the same people that are clamoring for Government to "take care of them" are complaining about the powers that the government needs to do exactly that. How about people just mind their own business and take care of themselves?




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