On 9/4/2012 9:37 PM, Stephen P. King wrote:
Hi Russel,

In Craig's defense. When did ontological considerations become a matter of contingency? You cannot "Choose" what is Real!

But you choose what is real in your theory of the world. Then you see how well your theory measures up. The Standard Model is a theory of energy and matter that has passed thousands of empirical tests to very high accuracy. Its ontology is elementary particles. It replaced a lot of other theories that had different ontologies.

That is the entire point of Reality. It is not up to the choice of any one. It is that which is incontrovertible for All of us. The Moon does not vanish when you stop looking at it, simply because you're not its only onlooker!

So you think somebody has to be looking at the Moon for it to exist?


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