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Hi Roger,

My idea about this is that the Moon and that we landed on it exists in parallel with the Moon not existing or existing but we not landing on it, or we already having a base on the oon etc. etc. etc. Then which of these possibilities is "real" depends on the knowledge you happen to have, which undermines the concept of "real".

I don't think this is an entirely academic matter, e.g. if you could forget everything about the Moon, all these alternative possibilities become open to you again, as I point out here:


The reality of alternative possibilities may actually be the very thing that makes us conscious. If you accept machine consciousness, you have the problem that in a classical picture the machine evolves deterministically from one state to another, and you can map such a system to a trivial system (say a clock). To see that a computer is performing a non-trivial computation requires knowledge of counterfactuals, but then counterfactuals by definition haven't happened. At any one moment you are in some state which doesn't contain the information that a computation is carried out.

A way out of this problem is to look more precisely at what the MWI really implies for a realistic computer capable of simulating the human brain. One has to accept here that given what a conscious person is aware of is only an astronomically small fraction of the information present in the brain. So, the MWI implies that the so-called branches that are supposed to be sectors of the multiverse where a peson has observed some dfinite result, actually consists of an astronomically large number of unresolved micro-branches, each containing diferent information. The rest of the universe is, of course, entangled with the observer in these micro-branches. In this article:


I point out that this structure defines at least partially the algorithm that is running at any moment. So, the fact that things don't exist if we don't look may be the very reason why we can exist at all.


Dear Saibal,

I must tell you that I am very happy that you are here on this list! Your ideas and papers are wonderful! "The reality of alternative possibilities may actually be the very thing that makes us conscious." I agree 100%.




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