On 9/26/2012 11:27 AM, Alberto G. Corona wrote:
But mind can agree also in things that are not phisical. and these things are much more important for life. Almost all the higuer concepts that we manage in daily life are non material.

People agree on particular statements being true (generally about material things), but there is no agreement on "truth".

We are now talking about existence and truth for example, that upto my knowledge are not material.

Existence is what characterizes material things.

These non phisical things have a rationale behind , that is evolutionary and historical, and innate and obey their own laws.

Existence and truth obey their own laws?  What laws would those be?

and we have internal innate knowledge and we have innate ablitities to deal with them, as every culture has known upto now.

Not only that. If our minds were not similar, that is, if the conceptual and sensory architecture of our minds where not equal, There would be no possible agreement neither communication about the physical reality. We would not even agree about the meaning of objects of current life. Take for example the olfactory world of the dogs. Try to communicate with chinkens or with dolphins by the way. If we would not be visual driven primates, and we were dogs, the picture of the phisical reality would be chemical.

But the very fact that you can say that shows that we can understand and communicate with dolphins and dogs and chickens. I communicate everyday with a California jay that comes to my back door and squawks for a peanut.


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