On Sunday, September 30, 2012 3:45:56 PM UTC-4, Stephen Paul King wrote:
>  On 9/30/2012 2:03 PM, meekerdb wrote:
> On 9/30/2012 3:18 AM, Stathis Papaioannou wrote: 
> I don't doubt that initial experiments would not yield ideal results.
> Neural prostheses would initially be used for people with
> disabilities. Cochlear implants are better than being deaf, but not as
> good as normal hearing. But technology keeps getting better while the
> human body stays more or less static, so at some point technology will
> match and then exceed it. At the very least, there is no theoretical
> reason why it should not.
> Indeed.  And cochlear implants could have a much wider frequency range 
> (like I did when I was younger :-) ) and they even be designed to 'hear' 
> RF.  So then Nagel will be able to ask "What is it like to be a human?"
> Brent
> Hi Brent,
>     The actual real world Cochlear implants that have been installed have 
> a very feeble range of frequencies as the ability to interface the device 
> with the brain is not a well understood area. In principle it should be 
> possible to create an entire full spectrum detection system. The hard 
> problem is "how do you interface with a brain".

Exactly. It's one thing for a person to use an artificial hand, but what is 
it that learns to use an artificial 'you'? It's hard for me to understand 
how this obvious Grand Canyon is repeatedly glossed over in these 
conversations. Head amputation? No big deal... Ehhh, not so fast I say, and 
saying not so fast doesn't make someone a Luddite, it just doesn't make 
sense that without understanding anything about how or why subjectivity 
comes to be that we should presume to reproduce it through imitation of the 
very body parts which seem to show now trace of consciousness without us.


> -- 
> Onward!
> Stephen

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