On 26.09.2012 20:35 meekerdb said the following:
An interesting paper which comports with my idea that "the problem of
 consciousness" will be "solved" by engineering.  Or John Clark's
point that consciousness is easy, intelligence is hard.

Consciousness in Cognitive Architectures A Principled Analysis of
RCS, Soar and ACT-R

I have started reading the paper. Thanks a lot for the link.

An interesting quote from the beginning.

p. 13 "A possible path to the solution of the increasing control software complexity is to extend the adaptation mechanism from the core controller to the whole implementation of it.

Adaptation of a technical system like a controller can be during construction or at runtime. In the first case the amount of rules for cases and situations results in huge codes, besides being impossible to anticipate all the cases at construction time. The designers cannot guarantee by design the correct operation of a complex controller. The alternative is *move the adaptation from the implementation phase into the runtime phase*. To do it while addressing the pervasive requirement for increasing autonomy the single possibility is to move the responsibility for correct operation to the system itself."

I guess that this is exactly what happens within the software industry.

"*move the adaptation from the implementation phase into the runtime phase*"

They just do something and then test in the runtime phase what happens and what should be corrected. I am not sure if I like it although it seems to be impossible to change it.

One typical way out is not to use the newest versions of the software and let the software companies to test them on freaks. Unfortunately this does not work well as often features needed are available in the newest version only. In this case, another typical strategy would be to keep both versions (the newest and previous) running and when necessary to change them. The complexity growths indeed.


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