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On 26.09.2012 20:35 meekerdb said the following:
An interesting paper which comports with my idea that "the problem
of consciousness" will be "solved" by engineering.  Or John
Clark's point that consciousness is easy, intelligence is hard.

Consciousness in Cognitive Architectures A Principled Analysis of
RCS, Soar and ACT-R

I have started reading the paper. Thanks a lot for the link.

Another interesting quote.

p. 18 "Architectures that model human cognition. One of the mainstreams in cognitive science is producing a complete theory of human mind integrating all the partial models, for example about memory, vision or learning, that have been produced. These architectures are based upon data and experiments from psychology or neurophysiology, and tested upon new breakthroughs. However, this architectures do not limit themselves to be theoretical models, and have also practical application, i.e. ACT-R is applied in software based learning systems: the Cognitive Tutors for Mathematics, that are used in thousands of schools across the United States. Examples of this type of cognitive architectures are ACT-R and Atlantis."

I will repeat my point that I have made previously. If there are already practical application of this type working, they would be very good candidates to check what happens with consciousness. I could imagine two different situations.

1) Engineers have developed such an architecture without thinking about consciousness. Now imagine that an empirical study however demonstrates that consciousness is already there. This, in my view, would prove epiphenomenalism of consciousness.

2) Engineers have developed such an architecture with taking consciousness into account. Now imagine that an empirical study confirms that consciousness is there. This, in my view, would be the solution of Hard Problem.

I am curious what an answer I will find in the report in the end.

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