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>> A identical twin is a clone, you're talking about a exact duplicate and
>> I would shoot him. I was given a gun and I was forced to make a very
>> emotional decision and my duplicate was not, so I have intense memories
>> that he does not so we are no longer the same person even if we once were.
> > You are closer to him than the you from two weeks ago.

I don't think so, in the last two weeks nothing as dramatic as having
somebody point a gun at me has happened, and I haven't shot and killed
anyone in the last 2 weeks either.  Dramatic stuff like that changes you.

 > And you probably go to work every day and save money only to give it to
> an old man and give him a nice retirement, and that old man is even less
> like you.  So why not instead give $1,000,000 to someone who is much more
> like you than your future retired self?

Because for him to get the money I'd have to shoot myself and if that
happened I'd have a last thought and I don't want that to happen because
then I'd be dead.

> If all experiences were equiprobable then we would expect not to see this
> ordered picture of text on our screens, but random snow.

That doesn't follow, there may be infinite number of things to see but
there is a infinite number of Jason Reschs to see them, so some of them
will see ordered pictures and others white noise.

> In an infinite universe with infinite possibility, it's not clear to me
> there can be a last thought.

Maybe, but I wouldn't stake my life on it. By the way the closest thing to
quantum suicide I have ever heard of actually happening involved the
Everett family. Hugh Everett invented the Many Worlds interpretation of
Quantum Mechanics and died of heart failure in 1982 at the age of 51, he
was legally drunk at the time. He requested that his body be cremated and
his ashes thrown into the garbage. Hugh's daughter Liz Everett killed
herself a few years after her father's death, in her suicide note she said
"Funeral requests: I prefer no church stuff. Please burn be and DON'T FILE
ME. Please sprinkle me in some nice body of water or the garbage, maybe
that way I'll end up in the correct parallel universe to meet up with

 > > A disturbing thought is that if there are a infinite and not just a
>> astronomically large number of copies of you then some of then are going to
>> be tortured for eternity.
> > But they always have some non-zero chance of escaping to another
> universe (from their first person perspective).

Yes some will, but some will never make it and be tortured for eternity.

  John K Clark

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