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On 10/24/2012 5:31 AM, Stephen P. King wrote:


Woo-woo.  Small effect sizes which are *statistically* significant
are indicative of bias errors.  I'd wager a proper Bayesian analysis
of the original data will show they *support* the null hypothesis
(c.f. "Testing Precise Hypotheses" Berger & Delampady, Stat Sci 1987
v2 no. 3 317-352 and "Odds Are It's Wrong" Tom Siegfried, Science
News 27 Mar 2010).  Meta-analyses are notoriously unreliable and
should only be considered suggestive at a best.

It is a general situations with a statistical treatment. When people like results based on mathematical statistics, as for example correlations in a neurosience, they say that this is a good science. And when people do not like statistical results, they can always say woo-woo.


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