On 11/3/2012 6:47 PM, Alberto G. Corona wrote:

    : Is there something that I could know to be the case, and which is not 
expressed by
    a proposition that could be part of some scientific theory?"

Yes . "I love my mother" is some knowledge that I know , and is not part of a scientific theory.

But could it be is the question. There could be a scientific theory that Alberto Corona loves his mother and you could know the theory.

We know reality because we live in the reality, We do not approximate reality by theories. We directly know reality because we live within it. Our primary knowledge is intuitive, historic, direct.. It is _the_ reality.

A theory is a second class of knowledge about a model that approximate reality, maybe upto a point of an isomorphism with some-part-of reality, but certainly, not an isomorphism that embraces the whole reality, because we could never know if we have modelized the entire reality, nether if this modelization is accurate.

The legitimate usage of the models is to refine this intuitive knowledge. But at the worst, a model can negate our direct knowledge and try to create an alternative reality. In this case the theorist reclaim the model as the reality. Thus the theorist .reclaim a complete knowledge of reality. In this case the theorist is outside of science, even if it is within the science industry, and becomes a sort of gnostic preacher

Yes, a model that includes everything is impossible (and not even useful), but it might still be that each thing you know is part of some model.

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