One of the questions in mathematics is where does mathematical truth come
from, if it exists platonically, how does it manifest physically (e.g. as
the utterances of mathematicians).

I had a thought inspired by one of Roger's posts regarding cause and effect
extending outside of spacetime.  I thought, there is nothing preventing the
goings on in this universe from having causal implications outside our
universe.  Consider that an advanced civilization might choose to simulate
our universe and inspect it.  Then when they observe what happens in our
universe the observations generate causal effects in their own universe.
The same applies to our universe, we might choose to observe another
universe through simulation, and our discoveries or observations of that
other universe change us.  Thus, the various universes that can exist out
there are more interconnected than we might suppose.  Our universe is an
open book to those universes possessing sufficient computational power to
simulate it.  Likewise, how simple universes like certain small instances
of the game of life are open books to us.  The possibilities of gliders in
the GoL has led to many discussions about GoL gliders, their existence in
the GoL universe has led to the manifestation of physical changes in our
own universe.

I think the entrance of mathematical truth to our own universe is no
different.  Mathematicians have used their minds to simulate objects and
structures that exist in other universes, in a sense they observe them, and
then those mathematicians report their observations and discoveries
concerning those objects, just as an advanced civilization might report
discoveries about our universe, or we might report discoveries about the
GoL universe.  Thus the structures and objects which exist in other
universes have directly changed the course of the evolution of our own.


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