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>> I don't see how you can come to that conclusion. There is nothing in what 
>>> I feel that would provide me with any certainty that my brain is not being 
>>> manipulated by someone by remote control, for example. That possibility is 
>>> entirely consistent with my subjective feeling of freedom.
>> Of course that's possible. In fact it is a common psychotic delusion. 
>> Indeed, we are complex and have many competing aspects of our self with 
>> different agendas. The reason why it doesn't make sense however, is why 
>> would any process exist which creates an epiphenomenal person such as you. 
>> By extension, that is the problem with mechanism and functionalism as well. 
>> If you have a perfectly good computer which operates a robot navigating a 
>> physical world whose purpose is to survive and reproduce, what would be the 
>> advantage of generating an internal representation delusion to some made up 
>> 'person' program when the computer is already controlling the robot 
>> perfectly well. It would be like installing an chip inside of your computer 
>> to simulate an impressionist painter who actually paints tiny paintings for 
>> a made up audience of puppets to think that they are looking at. Even then, 
>> you still have the Explanatory Gap/homunculus problem. You still ARE NO 
>> CLOSER to closing the gap as now you have an interior 'model' which has no 
>> mechanism for perception. You have just moved the Cartesian Theater inside 
>> of biochemistry, but it still explains nothing about how you get from 
>> endogenous light to endogenous eyes which see images through biophotons 
>> rather than are simply informed of their quantitative significance directly 
>> and digitally.
> You have just presented an argument for why consciousness is a necessary 
> side-effect of intelligent behaviour. If it were not so, then there would 
> have been no reason for consciousness to have evolved. 

Consciousness evolved from awareness, not intelligence. Awareness did not 
evolve. Evolution is a feature of experience, which is the consequence of 
awareness. Intelligent behavior is more or less meaningless. It's a 
outsider's judgment on some observed activity where he projects his own 
standards of sense and motive onto some context he may or may not know 
something about. Intelligence is prejudice really.


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> Stathis Papaioannou

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