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>> You have just presented an argument for why consciousness is a necessary
>> side-effect of intelligent behaviour. If it were not so, then there would
>> have been no reason for consciousness to have evolved.
> Consciousness evolved from awareness, not intelligence. Awareness did not
> evolve. Evolution is a feature of experience, which is the consequence of
> awareness. Intelligent behavior is more or less meaningless. It's a
> outsider's judgment on some observed activity where he projects his own
> standards of sense and motive onto some context he may or may not know
> something about. Intelligence is prejudice really.

So that there can be no confusion, what I mean by "intelligent
behaviour" is behaviour such as looking for food or avoiding
predators. I take "consciousness" and "awareness" as synonymous. When
an animal looks for food I assume that it is aware. The question is,
why did animals not evolve to do this without awareness, since it
would have the same effect of propagating their genes either way? An
answer is that awareness necessarily occurs when the type of behaviour
that would lead us to suspect awareness occurs.

Stathis Papaioannou

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