On 1/4/2013 7:07 AM, Richard Ruquist wrote:
I wrote a review paper for the Quantum Mind 2003 Tuscan, AZ Conference
a decade ago that upon rereading could have well been about morphic
fields. The morphic field would be the non-local consciousness that I
and others then claimed to be a property of a Dark Matter axion
condensate that was a BEC composed of nearly motionless cosmic axions.

In particular the Quantum Information Theory derived by Boris Iskatov
for such a medium had solutions (described in the paper) that could
well explain some of the empirical effects claimed for the morphic

An open question in this paper is the coupling mechanism between
physical consciousness in the brain and the non-local consciousness of
the axion condensate. I now believe that the coupling is between a
physical brain BEC and the axion BEC, except that I also now believe
that the particles of compactified space of string theory, also a BEC,
more actively manifest a non-local consciousness based on CTM.

The paper also reviews empirical evidence for non-local consciousness
presented at that conference that may of of interest:

Hi Richard,

I will take a look, but I confess to being a bit skeptical of any substantist theory... How can substances communicate with each other representationally?



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