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Science is a religion by itself.
Becouse the God can create and govern the Universe
only using physical laws, formulas, equations.
Here is the scheme of His plane.
God : Ten Scientific Commandments.
§ 1. Vacuum: T=0K, E= ∞ ,p= 0, t=∞ .
§ 2. Particles: C/D=pi=3,14, R/N=k, E/M=c^2, h=0, i^2=-1.
§ 3. Photon: h=1, c=1, h=E/t, h=kb.
§ 4. Electron: h*=h/2pi, E=h*f , e^2=ach* .
§ 5. Gravity, Star formation: h*f = kTlogW : HeII -- > HeI -- > H --

. . .

§ 6. Proton: (p).
§ 7. The evolution of interaction between Photon/Electron and Proton:
a) electromagnetic,
b) nuclear,
c) biological.
§ 8. The Physical Laws:
a) Law of Conservation and Transformation Energy/ Mass,
b) Pauli Exclusion Law,
c) Heisenberg Uncertainty Law.

That's human hypotheses. (With implicit theological Aristotelian assumption, I think).

§ 9. Brain: Dualism of Consciousness.
§ 10. Practice: Parapsychology. Meditation.

That's quick.

Best wishes.
Israel Sadovnik Socratus




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