On 12 Jan 2013, at 13:48, Alberto G. Corona wrote:

Space and time may be a perception of the mind in the Kantian sense. I donĀ“t find that space must be independent of the mind. space and time may be the way we perceive a space-time manifold which is pure mathematical and nothing else. Maybe we can see space out there and we can think on geometrical figures in space (not algebraically) because we have space-mode rasoning on the mind, not because space is pre-existent to the mind, neither because space is something in mathematics, because space is described in math without gemetry.

And may be that the autopoietic computation, in the forms of natural selection, life and mind are trajectories in the space-time manifold, which, when looked closely form outside space-time, they are nothing but fortunate collisions of particle trajectories and molecules so that entropy stay controlled along these lines, with no reason but fortunate manifold structure and fortunate initial conditions. But looked from inside it appears to have phenomena like matter space, causality, termodinamic irreversibility, time, minds etc.

OK. My point is that if we assume computationalism it is necessarily so, and constructively so, so making that hypothesis testable.

We have the logical entaiment:

Arithmetic -> computations -> consciousness -> sharable dreams -> physical reality/matter -> human biology -> human consciousness.

It is a generalization of "natural selection" operating from arithmetical truth, and in which the physical reality is itself the result of a self-selection events (the global first person indeterminacy).

This generalizes both Darwin and Everett, somehow.



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