Empty Space is not Empty! 


The so-called Higgs field is just another name for Einstein's gravitational 
aether. Mass is the result of matter's field interactions within itself and 
the space in which it sits, hence, the Higgs mechanism. 

Particles can emerge anywhere and as needed, e.g., particle pair creation, 
but from where, and what do they feed from, creation ex nihilo? That seems 
like a physical impossibility. Anyway, why would we have wave-particle 
complementarity if it were not because matter depends on the substrate? 
Isn't this the reason why we need a Higgs mechanism? 

Quantization and organization of space is orchestrated by matter fields 
which originate from, and follow, exclusive dimensions already existing as 
matter. Energy being quantized into particles by spontaneously emitted 
sub-atomic particles (Higgs boson?) in hyperspace. 

Matter is a continuous, time dependent, and thermodynamically open, 
self-organizing process. Particles, as they move through the CBR, need to 
continuously re-ordinate the space that constitutes them. Particles are in 
constant motion, continuously processing space/information. Matter is 
formed by this process, and mass increases directly proportional to the 
amount of process. This is why the denser a particle is, or the faster it 
moves in relation to other objects, the more massive it becomes. Mass is 
directly proportional to process. 

Information (geometry) starts with the quantum. Existence starts with the 
quantum. Before the quantum there is aether. There can be an aether without 
quanta, but there can be no quanta without an aether. Matter is dependent 
on the aether (aka., Higgs field), it depends on the background as an 
energy supply, hence, wave-particle complementarity. 

Aether is the empty space on which the universe sits. It is the 
physicalists' god. 



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