On 1/19/2013 8:48 AM, Laurent R Duchesne wrote:
Empty Space is not Empty!


The so-called Higgs field is just another name for Einstein's gravitational aether.

No. There's no gravitational aether. Einstein never suggested such. And gravity doesn't depend on the Higgs field.

Mass is the result of matter's field interactions within itself and the space in which it sits, hence, the Higgs mechanism.

You need to remember that it's mass-energy. Photons gravitate even though they don't have rest mass. Most of the mass of nucleons comes from the kinetic energy of the quarks bound by gluons, not the Higgs effect.

Particles can emerge anywhere and as needed, e.g., particle pair creation, but from where, and what do they feed from, creation ex nihilo? That seems like a physical impossibility. Anyway, why would we have wave-particle complementarity if it were not because matter depends on the substrate? Isn't this the reason why we need a Higgs mechanism?

Wave-particle complementarity applies to massless particles too; Einstein got the Nobel prize for explaining the photo-electric effect.


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