Dear Telmo,

With my recent post fresh in my mind, I think I can engage with you a bit 
on the meaning and purpose of meditation. 

I think the main point of meditation is to see 'what is' for 'what it is.' 
Nothing more, nothing less. 

All 'other worlds, other universes, other possibilities' are phantoms of 
the mind. For a simple proof of this, just consider the proliferation of 
various 'multiverse' interpretations of quantum mechanics! Meditation, 
though, grounds a person into themselves and into their environment. 
Perhaps in doing so, it makes you stop wanting things to be different than 
what they are, especially yourself. For it is only when you accept exactly 
who you are that you can live and act genuinely in the world. And because 
we are all individual and unique (redundant, i know), we all have to find 
this out for ourselves, since no one elses prescription will work for us, 
just like no organ from just anybody will work for ourselves in a 

Just my opinion, take or leave,

Best wishes,


On Thursday, January 24, 2013 10:17:49 AM UTC-5, telmo_menezes wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was thinking about meditation and how people report experiences of 
> "oneness with the universe", "non separation", etc.
> Meditation is a process of quieting the mind. One could say reducing it's 
> complexity. Simpler states have more undistinguishable observer moments. 
> Could it be that what's happening is that the consciousness of the 
> successful meditator becomes identified with a larger set of states in the 
> multi-verse?
> Just the sketch of an idea, sorry for the lack of rigour.
> Telmo.

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