On 2/18/2013 10:49 PM, Jason Resch wrote:
4. In the course of normal life, we gain memories (through experience) and lose memories (by forgetting). Yet most feel they are still the same person. This allows for some interesting experiments with a "faulty teleporter". You step into the teleporter and it transports you, but it is not 100% and your resulting copy has lost some small fraction of his long term memories. It has also given you new memories for things you never actually experienced. You comfort yourself with the idea that this is no different than living life and assert you are still the same person. Two very similar twins, Alice and Alicia each use this teleporter at the same time. Alice and Alicia both steps into it and on the recieving end of the teleporter, Alice and Alicia step out. But what really happened is Alice gained and lost some memories and is now identical to the Alicia who stepped into the teleporter, and the Alicia gained and lost some memories and is now identicial to the Alice who stepped into the teleporter. Is this any different from the two of them entering a closet and the two of them coming out? If not, couldn't they be switching places all the time, each always in the other?

No, because they occupy different locations and will within milliseconds develop different experiences, e.g. Alice looks at Alicia, but Alicia isn't looking at Alice.


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