This non-technical video suggests (to me) a possible QM explanation of 
synchronicity and 
Sheldrake's morphisms based on relational QM states and consistent QM histories 
R. Griffiths, Gell-Mann, Hartle , Omnes, and others). 

We live in an indefinite world of superposed quantum states,
which only appears actual when we view it and collapse the wave function.
Under the right conditions, namely that of consistent quantum histories the 
observation can result in synchronity, which is one which is particularly 
meaningful in that situation. 

This is a talk given at the Science and Non-duality Conference in October of 
2010, San Rafael, CA.  
The topic is Sky Nelson's paper on the physics of synchronicity, based on 
Relational quantum mechanics and  
Consistent Histories QM. Given to a non-technical audience, but with some 
(simplified) technical details.
By nondual he refers to wave-particle duality, so that all of reality before
observation consists of a Macro Quantum Superposition (MQS) state.
Upon observation, as with Leibniz's monadic perceptions, the world 
can only be seen from a single perspective (is not absolute).

My understanding of QM is somewhat limited, but it seems that 
synchronicity arises from the collapse of two "consistent QM histories"
events (self and other) upon observation by self.

This suggests that Sheldrake's morphisms may be nonlocal memories of 
of previous events that have a consistgent QM history with a current event.


Dr. Roger Clough NIST (ret.) 3/16/2013  
"Coincidences are God's way of remaining anonymous." 
- Albert Einstein

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