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On 3/20/2013 4:01 PM, Evgenii Rudnyi wrote:
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On 3/20/2013 2:22 AM, Evgenii Rudnyi wrote:
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Presumably his positions about atoms were the same, an atom is just
a concept created by the mind - hence it does not make sense to
search for it in reality. Here is the irony.


Dear Evgenii,

I agree! What is almost worse is that immaterialism makes the very
idea that a 'reality' has any existence outside one the mind of the
individual. This makes escape from solipsism impossible.

Well, you have the way out when you consider the Other - look what Sartre says about consciousness. "The Other" intrinsically belongs to the Universe in the same way as "I". Solipsism happens when you forget about The Other. I believe that Sartre is very good in this respect.


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