On Friday, March 29, 2013 5:41:19 AM UTC-4, Bruno Marchal wrote:
> On 28 Mar 2013, at 18:59, meekerdb wrote: 
> > On 3/28/2013 7:52 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote: 
> >> Intelligence, in my opinion is rather easy too. It is a question of   
> >> "abstract thermodynamic", intelligence is when you get enough heat   
> >> while young, something like that. It is close to courage, and it is   
> >> what make competence possible. 
> > 
> > ?? 
> > 
> >> 
> >> Competence is the most difficult, as they are distributed on   
> >> transfinite  lattice of incomparable degrees. Some can ask for   
> >> necessary long work, and can have negative feedback on intelligence. 
> > 
> > That sounds like a quibble.  Intelligence is usually just thought of   
> > as the the ability to learn competence over a very general domain. 

Intelligence is an ability to learn and become competent, but more 
importantly to understand and discern. Intelligence is the cognitive-level 
modality of sensitivity. 

"intelligence (n.)
    late 14c., "faculty of understanding," from Old French intelligence 
(12c.), from Latin intelligentia, intellegentia "understanding, power of 
discerning; art, skill, taste," from intelligentem (nominative intelligens) 
"discerning," present participle of intelligere "to understand, 
comprehend," from inter- "between" (see inter-) + legere "choose, pick out, 
read" "

> That's why I think that intelligence is simple, almost a mental   
> attitude, more akin to courage and humility, than anything else. 
> Competence asks for gift or work, and can often lead to the feeling   
> that we are more intelligent than others, which is the first basic   
> symptom of stupidity. 

I don't know that feeling more intelligent than others means you are 
stupid, maybe just vain. If taken literally, how could anyone become more 
intelligent than anyone else if as soon as they are intelligent enough to 
realize it, that made them stupid?


> Bruno 
> http://iridia.ulb.ac.be/~marchal/ 

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